Today's Demanding

Shipping patterns have changed over the last 20 years.

Customers now order more frequently, focusing on inventory levels and cash flow versus per unit delivered cost.This results in considerable pressure for manufacturers and distributors alike to now manage your customer’s inventory at multiple points along the supply chain.

Retail customers seem content to order ‘only what I need through the weekend.’

While e-commerce buyers demand free shipping for orders, you wouldn’t have even considered that when your business first began. Partnering with a dynamic and agile 3PL like NEXgistics, one who engineers a better way through custom tailored solutions for all of your sales channels, is now more critical than ever.

Keeping pace with your customer’s demands isn’t good enough.

Leveraging these changes from a manageable operation to a fundamentally tactical and competitive advantage creates benefits for you that are measurable, marketable, and most importantly profitable.