Our Locations

We never forget that exceptional doesn’t just happen.

It requires planning, attention to detail and a relentless commitment first, to completely understanding expectations and then, to exceeding them. That understanding is the cornerstone on which NEXgistics was built.

NEXgistics was formed in careful consideration of geography, cost and freight lane pricing.

Our East Coast facilities are located in Western New York, adjacent to the Buffalo/Niagara International Airport. The Buffalo/Niagara region is well situated to provide one-day service to a majority of the US East Coast as well as 80% of the population of Canada. The proximity to one of the busiest border crossings in the United States also provides for significant truck traffic and corresponding advantageous freight rates.

Our West Coast facility is positioned in strategically located North Las Vegas, Nevada.

As with our East Coast locations, North Las Vegas provides one day service to the major populations Centers on the West Coast. Our West Coast facility is also easily reached for import or export via drayage service from the Port of Long Beach/Los Angeles.