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The most successful businesses benefit by engaging an elastic and nimble 3PL partner.

NEXgistics knows there’s a better way to implement critically necessary changes and rapidly bring pronounced competitive advantages to your marketplace. As purchasing patterns change along with dynamic shifts in manufacturing, the critical link between distributor and customer is deeply enhanced by a full-functioning and value-added 3PL partner like NEXgistics. Maintaining a selectively positioned distribution location allows you to carry a leaner inventory and realize a higher turn rate. Along with a superior level of service through faster transit times, NEXgistics reduces your direct transportation costs with shorter transportation lanes. Controlling these variables ultimately improves cash flow, furthers market share and brand loyalty, and most importantly increases your profitability.

When you been on all sides of the process as much as our team has, we never forget the bottom line.

Outsourcing supply chain needs to NEXgistics achieves the two benefits most desired by all customers: predictable and consistent service and costs. We are ready to adapt, adjust or reinvent our relationship completely to meet your company’s changing needs. And they very well may. After all, we are a boutique company built on flexibility so it’s fair to say that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t fit us at all.  Scalable facility management, in conjunction with the agile NEXgistics transportation network, seamlessly integrates to exceed the service expectations required to further customer loyalty at all levels.

Are you ready to discover ‘a better way’?

We are confident that, given our team’s operational experience, expertise and ability, we are uniquely prepared to deliver the service and fulfillment execution you require from a global partner. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s needs and expectations.

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