The NEXgistics

Our innovative approach recognizes the better you do, the better we do.

NEXgistics has an inherent incentive to grow your marketshare and brand loyalty. By abandoning templates and the routine mechanics that force your organization to compromise the unique strengths that are your underlying principals, we disrupt business-as-usual to find a better way. We know that ‘one size fits none’, and NEXgistics relishes our custom design and creativity to further distinguish you from your competitors.

As a boutique firm built on exceeding the expectations of each business that we serve, we have no desire to be like the other guys.

In order to deliver the most value as a service partner, critical operations must work hand-in-hand. Yet somehow, many third party logistics (3PL) companies fail to understand crucial and necessary links between inventory/order management and final mile transportation. Or worse, they don’t work to solve supply chain disconnects to the customer’s great detriment. We know that ‘one size fits none’, which is why NEXgistics’s custom program design and creativity will further distinguish you from your competitors.

Are you ready to discover ‘a better way’?

The NEXgistics proprietary TMS (Traffic Management System) analyzes a better way that ensures that the most efficient and economical mode of shipping is selected. We consider not only the size and destination of every shipment, but also the special services and handling requirements that frequently add substantial and unnecessary expense.