Our Technology

The NEXgistics Warehouse Management System provides an ideal example of how our company’s deployment of intelligent technologies enables our customers to benefit from our agile and lean structure.

That is critical, because at the heart of any supply chain operation is its IT platform.

Many 3PL providers are burdened with an outdated and archaic legacy system leaving clients dissatisfied and unable to benefit from modern, flexible technologies.

Others offer an overly structured system that results in poor integration for the client, increasing costs and frustration with one size fits all solutions. In either case, the client who is forced to engage in too much customization feels ‘locked in’ to an underperforming vendor, fearful of migrating to a partner that might improve both service and cost performance metrics.

NEXgistics’ WMS offers a better way through a full featured, scalable, cloud-based best in class system, already mapped to the most widely implemented ERP and shopping cart systems.

This critical benefit means from Day 1, we are ready to fully integrate with you, bi-directionally, to trade EDI transactions through our secure FTP site. Whether you use SAP, Microsoft Dynamics, Shopify, BrightPearl, Channel Advisor, eComHub, Amazon, or even smaller accounting systems like QuickBooks and Peach Tree, full operational integration is nearly immediate. For businesses running proprietary systems, NEXgistics also fully trades XML, CSV, EDI X12, Flat File, XLSX and others. Our mission is to keep your business running at optimal efficiency instead of painfully hobbling your IT personnel and other already burdened resources.

As a NEXgistics customer, you have real-time web access to virtually any critical type of transaction, item activity or stock status report imaginable.

Our intuitive reporting follows thoughtful drill down detail, taking you through specific transactions instantly to serve the information you need. Although most of our customers have specific reports sent to them at determined daily or weekly intervals, our secure site offers your team access to all reports online and on-demand. Accessible from any connected device, all reports are downloadable in Excel for customization or in PDF format, benefiting all departments in your organization. Your resources get the information that they need instead of fruitlessly searching or waiting for a vendor to generate and send a report they think you need.

In conjunction with our Warehouse Management System that drives our facility operations, we leverage modern technologies to tactically solve complex processes.

Our streamlined approach eliminates unneeded steps and heavy labor requirements. This benefits our customers with an unrivaled, efficient, predictable – and most importantly consistent – cost structure. Instead of experiencing wild swings in your operating expenses, they can now be reliably forecast to improve and increase your profits and earnings.

The NEXgistics network of preferred partner carriers maintains standard coverage delivery and reach that frequently eliminates the need for airfreight and premium expedited transportation.

Our standard coverage delivery zone works to reduce otherwise unrecoverable expense for everyone. Unlike transaction-based 3PL companies, NEXgistics, a DOT & FMCSA fully licensed Freight Forwarder, won’t lazily and unnecessarily request premium services when there’s a better way. Working in conjunction with NEXgistics’ inventory and order management services, your customer receives expedited delivery at ground rates as a standard service. This measurable benefit deepens brand loyalty, reduces your costs and most importantly, increases your profitability.