When you have been on all sides of the process as much as our team has, we never forget the bottom line.

Outsourcing supply chain needs to NEXgistics achieves the two benefits most desired by all customers: predictable and consistent service and costs. We are ready to adapt, adjust or reinvent our relationship completely to meet your company’s changing needs. And they very well may. After all, we are a boutique company built on flexibility so it’s fair to say that ‘one size fits all’ doesn’t fit us at all.  Scalable facility management, in conjunction with the agile NEXgistics transportation network, seamlessly integrates to exceed the service expectations required to further customer loyalty at all levels.


We are well aware that all partnerships aren’t created equal.

In fact, all ‘partnerships’ aren’t even partnerships. They are more relationships of convenience. Our entire team at NEXgistics recognizes the special responsibility you’ve asked us to execute and the unique accountability this carries. While the stale and dated 3PL approach creates laziness and complacency, we know you expect us to implement more creative and cost-effective solutions to increase sales and profitability. In other words, you expect ‘a better way.’ We are wholly committed to that mantra.

Steven E. Northman, President/Principal

Steven E. Northman, President/Principal

Steve was a Managing Director of the Sam-Son Distribution Logistics Group, a privately held 3PL company headquartered in Buffalo, NY. As a full equity partner for almost 18 years, he developed a recognized focus within the Consumer Electronics (CE) and Consumer Electronics Professional (CE Pro) business segments of supply chain services. Steve has deep strategic and extensive operational management experiences, serving as the group’s Chief Executive Officer for eight years. Steve is also involved internationally and serves as an officer of (Empire) New York State Young Presidents Organization International (YPOI). For the last 10 years he has been actively involved with the Western New York Division of the March of Dimes, chairing multiple events to help lead their mission critical fundraising efforts. Steve earned his Bachelor’s degree from Franklin & Marshall College in International Relations and Business in conjunction with a residency program at Université de Strasbourg in Strasbourg, France.


Richard J. Star, Principal

Richard J. Star, Principal

Richard worked for 14 years at Cliffstar Corporation/Cliffstar LLC, a vertically integrated private label beverage company before founding RJS Ventures, a diversified investment fund. Richard has extensive experience in manufacturing management and fulfillment, running the operations group at Cliffstar for 3 years, overseeing 10 plants, including distribution centers, across the US that employed 850 associates. Richard later served as Vice-President of its Ingredient Division and developed an international distribution network for nutritional ingredients and juice concentrates. When Cliffstar was acquired by Cott Corporation in August 2010 for US$500 million, Richard was a part owner of Cliffstar and a member of the senior management team. Richard remained at Cott through October of 2011, serving as VP of Grower Relations in addition to VP of Ingredient Technology. Richard also served on the Cott US Senior Management Team reporting directly to the General Manager of the US Business Unit. Richard currently serves as Chairman of the Board of Vitamins Direct, Ltd (Bermuda). Richard earned a Bachelor’s degree from Northwestern University, holds a Master’s degree from New York University in international politics as well as an MBA from Duke University.

Are you ready to discover ‘a better way’?

We are confident that, given our team’s operational experience, expertise and ability, we are uniquely prepared to deliver the service and fulfillment execution you require from a global partner. We would welcome the opportunity to discuss your company’s needs and expectations.

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